Monday, 23 November 2009

This sounds like a horror story

Man Trapped In 23-Year 'Coma' Was Conscious

For the whole time, he was trapped in his own body with no way of letting friends and family know he could hear every word they were saying.

The 46-year-old, who can now tap out computerised messages and read books on a device above his hospital bed, has revealed: "I screamed, but there was nothing to hear.

"All that time I literally dreamed of a better life. Frustration is too small a word to describe what I felt.

"I shall never forget the day when they discovered what was truly wrong with me - it was my second birth.

"I want to read, talk with my friends via the computer and enjoy life now people know I am not dead."

His misdiagnosis was discovered by neurological expert Dr Steven Laureys, who fears there may be similar cases all over the world.

He looked at Mr Houben's case again at the University of Liege, Belgium, using state-of-the-art imaging that showed the patient was aware of what was happening around him even though he had lost control of his body.

Rom, a martial arts enthusiast who remains in constant care at a facility near Brussels, was repeatedly wrongly assessed in Zolder, Belgium, by doctors using technology available at the time.

They used the internationally accepted Glasgow Coma Scale to assess his eye, verbal and motor responses. But each time he was graded incorrectly.


England need to ask the following question

1. Does Johnny Wilkinson stand this deep for Toulon
2. Is it the backs coach that is asking him to stand so deep
3. Is it the head coach that is asking him to stand so deep

Can anyone ask him to stand closer to the gain line so as to spark the backs into life? Please. Bring back Mike Catt I say

Norwich City 4 beat Norwich Dragons 2: 11 goals to 1

And after such a big win it was strangely dis-satisfying as the opposition were only playing there third game together and were easy to exploit. We did not have to do anything difficult to create chances and we missed an awful lot as well. I scored a very nice penalty and generally played okay although it was not my type of game. I usually am good at reacting to loose play and contributing on a third or fourth phase of the attack but when you are getting clear cut chances on the first phase that type of play is unnecessary. Well a win is a win.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Crazy UK train system

Went to Birmingham from Norwich on a Wednesday and back on a Thursday having few problems but when you step outside commuter times things get weird.
To get to Twickenham and then Andover

1. The Norwich to London line was not operational so the ticket said to go to Ely and change (Norwich to Ely)
2. In Ely the train I was supposed to catch was in Cambridge. On the timetable next to the train was a small c which said "This train stops in Cambridge". Someone will have to tell me why it is on the Ely timetable when it stops in Cambridge. (Ely to Cambridge, Cambridge to Kings Cross)
3. Kings Cross to Vauxhall
4. Vauxhall to Twickenham
5. Twickenham to Clapham Junction
6. Clapham Junction to Andover.

on the way back it got a bit more weird
1. Andover to Waterloo train left early and only a sprint through the underpass and an understanding guard meant that I made it.
2. Waterloo to Leicester Square (at Leicester Square I found that the Piccadilly line was not running so had to get back on the Nor then Line)
3. Leicester Square to Euston
4. Euston to Kings Cross
5. Kings Cross to Cambridge
6. Cambridge to Ely
7. Ely to Norwich

So to go from Norwich to Andover via Twickenham took 13 different trains -and the longest wait was about 15 minutes (give or take the queue to get back into Twickenham station with 71000 other people)


For an early Christmas present Sarah got me a ticket to watch England versus Argentina at Twickenham. It was never destined to be a classic as both teams are attritional and lack a certain amount of flair and when you thrown in a large number of injured England players, a blustery swirling wind, a greasy pitch and ball and heavy showers this merely highlighted the problems that both teams had. The first half was particularly bland with a large number of aimless kicks and handling errors while in the second half England at least tried to be more inventive and run the ball but every mistake was greeted with a huge punt down field meaning you had to start again from close to your line. In the end England grabbed the decisive try and it proved to be enough. One of the annoying things were that people just grabbed any old seat so when the latecomers arrived they just milled around in front and blocked the view. It is also fair to say Twickenham part of London is not overly attractive.

I then went down to stay with James and Sarah in Andover and I have to say that the Test Valley (or at least the bit that I saw) was particularly attractive.


Since half term the workload has been huge not helped by an opne evening - I don't think anyone likes a 9.30 finish when you need to be at work the next day for an 8.30 start, a trip to Birmingham to attend a course which whilst useful also tested my patience in its use of acronyms. It was not designed to be used by first time Geology teachers like me, the new timetable which rquires you to be ultra prepared at the start of the day as it seems to condense lunch time to no time at all. Next week we are off to the castle in Norwich for a trip.

Norwich City 4 beat Norwich Ice 2 by 2 goals

A good game between two competative teams with an excellent referee. We got a lead, they fought back and we where leading by two goals when we got a penalty. I stepped forward having already scored two penalties in the game and the ball rolled all the way around the hoop and then dropped wide. They then went down the pitch and scored drawing within one goal of us but then we scored and tim ran out. Was quite pleased with the way I played scoring the two goals and in defence kept my opponenet quiet. He was a bit 1 dimensional in that he was very quick but when I adjusted my tactics so he could not run passed he did not have any ideas about how to score.