Sunday, 28 September 2008

Norwich City 3 beat Norwich City 4 5:0

Sounds like we scored a comfortable win over the 4th team but nothing could be further from the truth as we lost 8:2 but as they were fielding an illegal team they forfeit the game. The main problem our team seemed to have were the following
1. I missed two penalties. They were very close but last season I was at about 80% do that was annoying
2. Team member A decided that he was quicker and faster than his opponent and to adopt a high risk defensive strategy. He wasn't and conceded 5 goals.
3. Two of the team will only pass to their right
4. The coach decided that our tactics would be to try and get team member F running in shots, a person who didn't score any goals last season.

It might be a long hard season.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

All round Norwich city centre there have been small statues of elephants located for the last couple of months. Some of my favourites are pictured in this post. Follow this link to see the rest. Tonight they have all been auctioned off and should raise around £200000 which is a shame as I would have lied one but they are a bit expensive.

Norfolk Broads
The Bush administration plan to buy all the bad debt from the banks and thus free up the financial system. With no worry about the liquidity of the people you are buying and selling from everything should return to normal. I have a couple of questions

1. What is there to stop the banks running up more bad debts (and making profit for their shareholders) knowing that they are too important for the government to let them go bust.
2. What price are the government going to buy the debt at? If they set the price too high then they will beggar the US economy, too low and they put the banks back in financial peril.
3. How much of the debt do the US expect to recoup or sell on? It is after all bad debt. If the banks had been able to collect it, or being received payments on it, then they will not need to sell it to the US government.
Sarah Palin is a rather scary moose hunting antiabortionist who wants to be Vice-President despite not knowing some of her own parties policies and thinking that being able to see a country amounts to understanding its complex geopolitical history. She also has some strangely named children. If you go to this website you can find your name if Sarah Palin had been your mum. Thus I become Timber Challenger Palin.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

What a week and a bit

1. Last Tuesday Lisa had her baby - little Charlie. 8lbs 15 born at 8.20 in the evening.
2. last Thursday - my PC gave a little shiver rolled over and died temporarily
3. Last Friday Ofsted ran up and said we will be in Wednesday. So all the weekend disappeared as well as every minute of every evening since.
4. It is now Thurs and Ofsted have left. We find how we did tomorrow but rumour has it that it will be Good with Outstanding features. PC is repaired and back running. A trojan virus decided to rewrite the operating system that turns it on.
I was seen by an inspector with the Yr11 who all did themselves proud and at one point one of them lent back and said how else got an A like me in the exam. At this point most of the rest of them put up their hands - what a bunch of liars! They weren't quite that good.
People ask well for Ofsted surely it should be like a normal day which is true but imagine that your boss was going to spend the day looking over your shoulder and noting down any little thing that goes wrong. On top of your normal job you also have to write down everything that you are going to do, justify why you are going to do it and what action you will take if things go awry.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Had lots of fun today gently teasing children about the end of the world. Leave homework for Thursday till Wednesday night just in case the world ends. There was an interview with a scientist who got very upset when it was suggested that the large particle collider might pose a risk and so far nothing bad has happened. If they find the missing particles then the last 40 years of subatomic physics will be justified - if not then at least they have identified what the answer isn't!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, messages and presents that I recieved. A lot of them seemed to revolve around beer and its consumption. It always remind me of the episode where Pingu gets drunk which I have included below. It is funny that they made this but not sure if they ever showed it to the kids,

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Aboriginal leaders in Australia have called for a book teaching girls how to play the didgeridoo to be scrapped. The Australian version of the Daring Book for Girls is due to be published next month. It has angered some indigenous leaders who view the didgeridoo as a male instrument not to be played by women. Publisher Harper Collins Australia said it was not aware of any taboos on women playing the didgeridoo, and has apologised for any offence caused.

The Australian version of the book has replaced much of the original British content with distinctly Antipodean pastimes. But its advice to young readers on how to play the didgeridoo has offended some Aboriginal leaders. In many indigenous cultures, the hollowed out wooden pipe is viewed as a male ceremonial instrument, and women are forbidden to play it. Some Aboriginal cultures believe even touching a didgeridoo can have terrible consequences - and even lead to infertility. One academic called the book's inclusion of didgeridoo lessons "an extreme faux pas". Harper Collins Australia apologised for inadvertently offending anyone, but said there was a "divergence of opinions" within Aboriginal culture on whether girls should play this ancient instrument.

1. Aborigines my not believe in sexual equality but the rest of Australia do.
2. Levels of infertility are probably not increased due to didgeridoo touching
3. How are the rest of us supposed to do the right thing when the Aborigines can't work out the best thing to do amongst themselves. Maybe it is only a problem in groups that have suffered terrible consequences (like finding out they it better than the men).

Back to school

Same old, same old but this year it smells of fish due to the introduction of SEAL into lessons (Social and Emotional C? of learning). A new fancy label for what we all ready do.