Saturday, 3 September 2011

Films this summer

Two films stand out. Horrible bosses was a reasonable comedy with a neat-ish twist at the end. Kevin Spacey stole the show and acted everyone else of the screen but ultimately the horribleness of the bosses was too unbelievable to make it realistic. The slutty boss and the drug fuelled boss were too over the top although the other one was evil enough. There are so many horrible things real bosses do there was no need to invent unbelievable characters to fulfil the roles.

Super 8 was really good. The idea of the kids making a film and accidentally filming a scene they are not supposed so was so well done it was brilliant. The inventiveness of the kids when shooting the film was shown really well and that kind of single-mindedness seems to be lost in childhood these days. I loved the end scenes when they show the fill and the way half the audience had to try and come back to the the auditorium to watch it as they all left early. Thoroughly recommended.

Too much shopping?

This summer has seen the following things happen

1. A house needs furnishing including furniture, curtains and varied haberdashery
2. I needed to buy an engagement ring
3. We need to find a wedding venue

All of these required shopping and a lot of comparing. Strangely it has been enjoyable, I mean not as good as other activities, but not as bad as I thought apart from the sore feet.

Kittens Day 1 to 4

So on Wednesday we collected the two kittens. After we had kind of bullied a charity (a bit rude of us but frankly it had been nearly three weeks) we went to pick them up. On the first day they were very shy and after they had come out of the carrier they headed for the box and stayed there until their tummies told them that they had to find the source of the smell. The black and white, who for the rest of this post and maybe his life we shall call Marmite, was first out and has since shown that he will launch head first into any situation. Currently he loves running across the floor and sliding into the target and then anything beyond it.

The second, who for the rest of the post we shall call Box, was more shy and spent time in the box. Over the next few days they have developed their personalities. Marmite is very bold, chases anything, loves to climb on people, loves to be held, can purr for Britain and usually carries on after you have put him down. Box will tolerate being held and has stopped scrabbling. She usually tests things first before attacking. The only thing that Box does better is jumping. She launches herself on to the scratching post everytime whereas Marmite tries to climb it, falls off, scrabbles at the post and usually is left hanging on to the post with one foot.
Saturday update - firstly the kittens have started to play with each other rather than just ignore each other. Marmite loves chasing Box's tail and there have been a couple of wrestling matches. Box usually wins and when Marmite was in her basket Box ambushed him. Held him down and then licked his face. At night they have been chasing their shadows and been very interested in their reflections in the doors and the laptop cover. Marmite killed and ate a flying insect that happened to close. They have been very playful and come to you when you have a treat.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?