Monday, 28 September 2009

Norwich City 4 lost to Norwich Stingers 9:8

Looks tight but somehow it wasn't. First game of the seasons strangers played a team that have been together for a while was a bit of a mismatch and they jumped out to a 7:1 lead by half time. However at half time we slowed down and played together better and slowly wound in the opposition with me scoring goal 8 with the last shot of the game. A nice goal with a reverse cut up pass into my hands clear through on goal and slotted it home nicely. Missed a penalty though, the post felt a bit close to the spot. Need to remember that in future matches.
SO PC died having a refurbished model to replace it.
Trying to sort out a new carpet but can't figure the colour I want
Have to renew the car hire deal
Giving blood
Dentist appointment

and some point I will need to fit in work
Slightly knicked the mole on my hair line while shaving. 2 hours later it is stillbleeding and I have to ring work and feel like an idiot as I explain what the problem was. Missed most of period 1. Won't do that again.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Marcus Brigstocke

Went to the theatre last night to see Marcus Brigstocke who was scathingly funny and also quite thoughtful at the same time. I loved his comparison of the three Abrahamic religions as similar to travelling to Birmingham. You are all trying to get to the same place but whether you take the M6, M5 or M40 to get there is just a matter of geography. He also has a fantastic set of put downs.

The car

Sometimes I feel sorry for the poor saps who have to ring people up and give them bad news. So when the garage wing up and tell me they are about to start work on repairing my car (about the date it was due to be finished) I was fairly forceful in my appraisal of the level of service I was recieveing. A letter of complaint to the insurance company may also help bear dividend. New date is likely to be the 23rd October.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Damm it, if only I had put some money on my predictions. Hingis goes first as predicted. Nobody really knows her and she did not have time to develop a "journey" or win fan's affections. If she could have lasted a bit longer these might of happened but without the loyal viewers of Eastenders/ Watchdog/Morning television to back her up she was a goner.

Friday, 18 September 2009


For some reason whilst hating most reality TV I quite like Strictly. I frankly don't care about Big Brother (pointless people not doing anything) or I am a Celebrity get me out of here (celebrities sitting around doing nothing) but when they are people learning a skill then it is more interesting. I am glad that Arlene has gone as her criticism was becoming non-sensical and cliche ridden and am worried about a lack of real star power this time around.

Here are my predictions
Winner Joe Calzaghe (good footwork, large fan base, open to votes from men and women)
Lovable Loser Phil Tufnell (notoriously unco-ordinated but a large fan base)
Voted off to soon - Martina Hingis (good on her feet but a bit unknown/ small fan base)

How about your predictions?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Matters Various

1. The ceilidh for Jess and Niamh's civil partnership was good laugh and it was nice to see that I can still remember the most popular ones. Good to catch up with Claire Hibbert as was and Charlie. I don't make enough effort to catch up with the TST lot especially people who I went to Greenbelt with. Good times with good company.

2. I am now a god parent and I have the certificate to prove it. It was a lovely service at Rosebery Road Methodist although the service was surprising C of E which I did not remember from previous times.

3. Decorators have been and gone. House is spruced up. Need a carpet to complete the house. If I want to sell then I am not going to put up the pictures and male holes in the wall so need to make a firm decision soon.

4. Car not fixed yet

5. Loo blocked, bought loo unblocker, loo unblocked and all limescale completed cleaned away. Why is the limescale remover not the efficient.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Derren Brown predicts the lottery numbers

Leaders debate

Sky want all the three main party leaders for a debate

1. Gordon Brown will not show up and may be replaced by an empty chair. The question is at the end if the chair will show it has more personality than David Cameron

2. Can you solve the UK's problems in a glib 1 liner or do they require far more detailed ideas.

Car news

The council have been written to and demands submitted including money to cover the excess and money to cover the rental car. A Vauxhall Corsa that is less fun to drive than Mums old car and automatic. I apologise to anyone who I got mad at for a slow pull away from lights as they were probably driving this car. I also cannot crash it under any cost as the excess is £600 or I could have paid £300 to have no excess. So pay £300 to avoid maybe paying £600 if another tree falls on my car. Not sure that I could ask the council to pay the excess on a car that I am driving because a tree fell on my other car.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


I had a curry and beer with friends and then went to the theatre to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which was very good. The effects are very good and the actors and actresses where excellent especially the people playing the two small children. The singing was very clear and the songs catchy. Occasionally it felt like a couple of the large set pieces were a bit forced so that they could have a spectacular moment. The Child Catcher was suitably cheerless and the other characters slightly overacted in a good way. Overall it was an excellent start to the weekend but Sunday was a bit depressing due to the back to school blues. For some reason I am lacking a bit of enthusiasm for this year. Whether it is a predominantly lower ability timetable in key stage 3, the presence of ICT on the timetable, the new cover rules, some poor rooming or not teaching volcanoes at A Level I am not sure. Maybe a bit of all of them but all the small decisions have not gone the way that would make life run smoothly or efficiently and while they are slightly annoying now I can feel that they are going to really annoying at the end of November.
The powers that be have decided to fix my car - a job that will cost around £6000 and take 120 hours leaving me without it till October. I don't get a courtesy car and I was glad to find out it was not something I had opted out of but more an optional extra that I was unaware that I did not have. I can claim back the cost of a rental from the council but need them to state that they are liable for the damage and of course this is not a decision that they are going to make swiftly especially at the weekend.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

A tree falls on my car

1. It was new to me and I like it
2. The timing the day before going back is seriously irritating
3. It is now I find out I don't get a courtesy car
4. I might lose two years no claims
5. It might be fixable unless their is some structural damage. The glass roof panel is smashed and there are some dents to other panels, the back window is smashed and the windscreen cracked. There is a dent in the roof and in the rear panel. The whole thing will need a respray as there are a many scratches.
6. At least I wasn't in it
7. Within two hours the council had cut the tree up and taken it away, the garage had turned up and taken the car away and BT had fixed the phone line that had come done.
8. Next weekend was supposed to be a weekend away. Might have to rent a car.