Sunday, 29 April 2007

The last two weeks

The last two weeks have been extremely busy. The final weekend of the Easter holiday was very busy. I finally got round to having my 30th Birthday present which was a chance to drive a Monster truck. It is really good fun driving over cars and bumps at strange angles. The two things that you don't realise are that it is difficult for me at 6ft to get far enough away from the pedals at the biting point at this means that it was difficult to have control. I then rushed cross country, collected Sarah and went to watch North Walsham play against Rosslyn Park in National League 3 South. It was an excellent match with lots of running rugby played in boiling heat ending 49- 31 to North Walsham. For an overview of the match look at the report.

Since then the rush is on to complete coursework in time for the deadline on the 1st May. Then the rush to get it marked starts. It has been a hectic start to the term with coursework/ parents evening/ reports vying with the usually planning and marking.

Good things - the rose bush outside my house has grown madly and is covered in buds. All the rest of the front garden is flowering.

Bad things - house is messy, back garden needs to be sorted and work is piling up.

The other big issue is that Sarah has found out where she will be located in Missouri. The town is called Advance and is a town of 1200 people located in the SW of Missouri. Remember to stress the first syllable so it's ADvance not adVAnce as it is usually pronounced. She was not very happy as it is remote, far from her parents (325 miles) and has very few facilities. It seems a bit of a strange position for a young, female as I think it would suit a family but I do not have an overview of the whole area. In the last few days she has come to accept the decision. She needs to complete at least a three year period in 1 church in the next 6 years if she wants to be ordained. When she is ordained she will have more opportunities.

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