Sunday, 9 March 2008


I love sport because it is so unpredictable and it can toy with your emotions so easily. Yesterday I was really looking forward to the contests that the day would bring but 24 hours later and all that excitement ended in disappointted. England lost to New Zealand at cricket, England lost to Scotland at rugby, Ireland lost to Wales at rugby, Chelsea lost to Barnsley (not sure why I care about that one), Maccarinelli was out boxed by Hayes, Luton lost to Southend and Duke lost to UNC. Every team or person I was supporting or following closely lost. Not sure what the odds on that were but I wish I had had a pound on it. The quality of the two rugby games makes me long for summer rugby, after all if rugby had been designed to be played in that amount of water they would have scheduled it it in a swimming pool. I don;t know how the Scots always arrange a monsoon for the Calcutta Cup matches but if any stadium needed a roof it must be Murrayfield.

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