Monday, 1 December 2008

Conservatives are off kilter

The Conservatives seem to be a party that might be about to make themselves worthy of being voted before but then an opportunity arises that shows that at heart they haven't changed.

Recently an MP was arrested and held for 9 nine hours before being released on bail to appear before police in February. The Conservatives are in uproar and proved themselves to be way out of line.

1. They argue that he was arrested for doing his job but leaking information to news paper is not doing his job. If he is in receipt of information likely to embarrass the government then raise it in parliament and ask for an official response. If it is worthy of coverage the newspapers will cover it. By leaking it directly to the newspaper they show that they are not interested in improving the country merely the promotion of their own party.

2. Other leaks have been occurred in the past. Two wrongs don't make a right

3. MP's should not have their offices searched as their might be confidential information in them. So do doctors. Plus there was no outcry when it was Labour MP's being arrested for the cash for questions.

4. This is the start of a police state. Ministers directing where the police investigate. The civil servant, the minister and the police have all said that ministers did not know that the MP was about to be arrested. This would show that it isn't a police state or Stalinist. The Conservatives have also spread innuendo. MP's are not allowed to call each other liars but to be honest they as well have done.

5. The evidence is not strong enough to make an arrest. but we don't know what all the evidence is, what might have happened or been revealed in questioning or what the search of the computers might reveal. Was he paid to leak the information? No-one knows but the police are tasked to find out.

All in all they should realise no-one is above the law and any attempt to try and argue anything else makes them look like they are trying to be superior to the electorate and that is why they lost the last elections. It should also be noted that the spokesman on the radio last night has continually pushed for less influence of government on the police until today when he was arguing that ministers should step in and tell the police what to do. What a hypocrite.

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