Sunday, 15 February 2009

What we have learnt this week

1. The BBC website weather is rubbish. Heavy snow my foot
2. England are not as bad at rugby as was reported last week
3. Wales are not as good as reported
4. When England play kicking rugby they are 1 dimensional and boring when Wales play kicking rugby it is a tactical master stroke.
5. England need to start wearing brown shirts as they stand out too much in the white ones.
6. Jonathan Kaplin is welcome to come over and I will advise him on some of the laws. I would also like to see the eyes in the back of his head having given a dodgy decision whilst facing the opposite way.
7. England are not that bad at cricket
8. 1 in a 100 people who give blood feint as I witnessed one the other day
9. Shakespeare is better watched than read. Sure you can analyse the text to your heart's content but the interplay of the characters is brought alive on the stage. Saw Midsummer Night's Dream on Friday
10. Improvisation in the middle of Shakespeare is hilarious.
11. A comedian who makes himself laugh is a funny thing to see. Saw Andy Parsons last weekend and he cracked himself up.

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