Sunday, 17 May 2009

Funny old time

Well all the coursework has been marked and moderated.

The recent trips have been executed

The Yr 11,12 and 13 leave this week (maybe a week late as the issue of study leave is controversial - good kids do use it wisely, less good kids play on their Wii)

All exam questions have been written and sent off

Can't seem to get excited about the cricket

Bored of the news. The Daily Telegraph made their point days ago and the recent revelations do nothing for the country. From now only people who have never taken home a pen from the office should be allowed to comment. A historian pointed out the the issue of expenses is probably the cleanest at any point in the hisory of parliament and this article seems to capture my point of view perfectly. When I work for the exam board they layout how much can be spent and then I spent that amount. If that means I don't have the cheapest meal or use the cheapest biro then so be it. Exam boards are paid for by people sitting exams which are schools so indirectly my lunch was paid for by the tax payer. Am I in the same boat?

I leave you with this picture from the latest field trip

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