Thursday, 7 January 2010


I love snow although it makes teaching a touch tricky as the sight of a snowflake can disrupt a whole class and lead to speculation as to when the school might shut and why the head keeps the school open when the other schools in the same area close. There was an added distraction yesterday when a cat got stuck up a tree -all visible from the classroom window. The cat had been up there since Monday and was stuck on the end of one of the smallest branches of the tree. Eventually 6 firemen came to rescue it but could not get close enough as the branches were too weak for the largest ladders. Apparently today a tree surgeon finally rescued the cat and the Facebook group to save it closed. I am glad the cat has been rescued and it is nice that the distraction has been removed.

The school was closed today and there are two factors I think that played a part. The amount of snow just before the rush hour meant that there was no time to get the roads cleared and by closing most of the school this takes a large number of journeys from the roads. The second element is the forecast. Today they forecast more heavy snow showers and this means that there is concern about getting people home again. Today those showers did not come but the threat of them added to the decision.

I went for a walk in the snow early when it is pristine and went up to Mousehold overlooking the whole city and took these pictures.

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