Friday, 4 June 2010

To President Obama

Enough. I know that you want to avoid looking like George Bush when he was faced by Hurricane Katrina but you have to got to get a sense of perspective. As a private company BP is not state owned and I have no connection to it but indirectly I feel that they are representing me as they bear the name of the country I was born and raised in. Since the explosion BP have spent nearly a billion pounds and continue to spend more trying to deal with a situation that it is not clear that they are responsible for. The only leased the rig that exploded, they neither owned it nor operated it. They have tried multiple attempts to stop the problem including drilling two new holes to release the pressure. They have ensured that money, manpower and ideas were all available and all you have done is criticise. It is a catastrophe that this oil spill occurred but to be critical of the attempts to clean it up shows no understanding of the situation. If it was easy it would have been done by now. To continue to be furious after so long makes me wonder what hidden problems you are trying to deflect from. All I know is your posturing is negatively affecting the share price of a company to which many pensions are linked so if you could stop then we would appreciate it.

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