Monday, 15 August 2011


There has been a lot of twaddle talked about the riots. They were horrific for the people involved. The deaths were tragedies and the loss of properties and livelihoods difficult for people to get over. The idea that this represents a lost generation with little hope seems to be a huge overstatement for the whole country. It seems to be focused in a few areas of the most deprived areas of the largest cities. After two nights it was done and the communities came together to help solve this issue.

The over-reaction seems to be centred on the fact that it happened in London so it was easy for the journalists to reach and that social media allowed images and ideas to be spread quickly mushrooming the impact that people were feeling. If 24 hour, Internet home pages facebook updates and tweets are all telling you about the riots they seem disproportionately worse. It also allowed it to spread worldwide quickly.

Remember the 20 days of rioting in Paris in 2005 from October 27th to November 15th. Thought not!
Everyday I work with lots of children who have a variety of backgrounds, work hard and didn't riot. A minority does not a lost generation make.

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