Saturday, 3 September 2011

Films this summer

Two films stand out. Horrible bosses was a reasonable comedy with a neat-ish twist at the end. Kevin Spacey stole the show and acted everyone else of the screen but ultimately the horribleness of the bosses was too unbelievable to make it realistic. The slutty boss and the drug fuelled boss were too over the top although the other one was evil enough. There are so many horrible things real bosses do there was no need to invent unbelievable characters to fulfil the roles.

Super 8 was really good. The idea of the kids making a film and accidentally filming a scene they are not supposed so was so well done it was brilliant. The inventiveness of the kids when shooting the film was shown really well and that kind of single-mindedness seems to be lost in childhood these days. I loved the end scenes when they show the fill and the way half the audience had to try and come back to the the auditorium to watch it as they all left early. Thoroughly recommended.

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