Saturday, 4 January 2014

Day 3 (slightly late) - Amazing Weather

The third amazing thing is the string of wet and windy weather. While it is a pain in the neck, with the rabbit incarcerated in the garden hutch and the lawn is turning in a mud patch, the sheer power of the waves and the force that they exert is amazing. As a teacher of weather to A Level standard it is very exciting to see the weather forecast keeping putting up diagrams of occluded fronts, isobars stacked closely together and depression. If only my students were at a point where I could show them it and they understand it but we are still about three weeks from this.  Fortunately 1) the weather may still be going like that and 2) the BBC website has some amazing features to explain the weather. 

Here is an explanation of why it is so wet, beautifully illustrating the concept of Rossby Waves in the jet stream and the origin of depressions for my students. 

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