Monday, 5 March 2007

Good and Bad

Reasons this will be a good week

1. The painful shoes I bought which on Friday were rubbing me rotten were fine today
2. My knee which had been very painful had stop hurting to such an extent I did not notice
3. It was light when I woke up!
4. There is rugby at the weekend to look forward to
5. Yr11 mock week means no lessons to teach Yr11 this week
6. Managed 35 lengths at the pool
7. The flowers in my garden have flowered

Reasons this week might be a bad week
1. Sarah is in Derby until Thurs
2. Parents evening on Thursday (the ones who turn up are not the ones I need to speak to)
3. Still getting hassle from the kids as Luton (my team) lost to Norwich (their team)

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