Thursday, 8 March 2007


The House of Commons has voted to have a completely elected upper chamber presumably not to be called the House of Lords. I do not want this to happen for the following reasons

1. I don't want more people trying to get my attention by making speeches at the moment the Lords debate the issues but do not feel the need to grandstand will doing so.
2. The biggest issue in education is the sheer number of changes and proposals to be enacted. More people who wants votes will want to make more changes?
3, The political parties are already in debt. Where will the extra cash come from
4. The House of Lords is a bit of history that makes the UK political system unique
5. Is it the first step to having a republic? (President Blair/Thatcher anyone)
6. Ageism - at the moment Ming Campbell (leader of the Liberals) faces criticism over his age and relating to the electorate. If people are voting for the members of the House of Lords will its demographic change and remove experienced people from the political arena?

My only hope is that members of the House of Commons that share my view have tried to spark a furore by voting for a deliberately harsh measure rather than allow it to be introducing slowly and in the shadows.

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