Friday, 28 December 2007


After a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas with good company, food, nice pressies and some tiem sitting on the sofa I want to introduce my new dog.

This is Lester and as you can see is an adorable puppy. Before you question my sanity and remind me that a dog is not just for Christmas, I will explain. Lester is currently being puppy walked by a family. When he is a year old he will be trained to be a guide dog and paired with a blind person to help them get around. At the moment Lester is around 6 months old and will be living with a volunteer family who will train him along strict guidelines to intirduce him to as many sites and sounds as possible. When I was little we puppy walked a dog called Choat that went on to become a guide dog and started with another called Dandy. It is a nice scheme where you get a new puppy, kepp them for a year and then you get a brand new puppy. I then repaid Mum and Nick's kindness by winning the traditonal game of Monopoly rather too easily to derive too much enjoyment from it.

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