Thursday, 18 September 2008

What a week and a bit

1. Last Tuesday Lisa had her baby - little Charlie. 8lbs 15 born at 8.20 in the evening.
2. last Thursday - my PC gave a little shiver rolled over and died temporarily
3. Last Friday Ofsted ran up and said we will be in Wednesday. So all the weekend disappeared as well as every minute of every evening since.
4. It is now Thurs and Ofsted have left. We find how we did tomorrow but rumour has it that it will be Good with Outstanding features. PC is repaired and back running. A trojan virus decided to rewrite the operating system that turns it on.
I was seen by an inspector with the Yr11 who all did themselves proud and at one point one of them lent back and said how else got an A like me in the exam. At this point most of the rest of them put up their hands - what a bunch of liars! They weren't quite that good.
People ask well for Ofsted surely it should be like a normal day which is true but imagine that your boss was going to spend the day looking over your shoulder and noting down any little thing that goes wrong. On top of your normal job you also have to write down everything that you are going to do, justify why you are going to do it and what action you will take if things go awry.

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