Sunday, 28 September 2008

Norwich City 3 beat Norwich City 4 5:0

Sounds like we scored a comfortable win over the 4th team but nothing could be further from the truth as we lost 8:2 but as they were fielding an illegal team they forfeit the game. The main problem our team seemed to have were the following
1. I missed two penalties. They were very close but last season I was at about 80% do that was annoying
2. Team member A decided that he was quicker and faster than his opponent and to adopt a high risk defensive strategy. He wasn't and conceded 5 goals.
3. Two of the team will only pass to their right
4. The coach decided that our tactics would be to try and get team member F running in shots, a person who didn't score any goals last season.

It might be a long hard season.

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