Friday, 21 November 2008

A strange old week

1. I accepted a promotion. Ages ago i vaguely mentioned that when a colleague went on maternity leave that I might be interested in the job while she was away. Evidently this made its way to the head and I had a five minute interview and then I said Yes. Still not sure I want it as extra work for not that much cash but it looks good on the CV I suppose so after Christmas I will be the assistant head of house until the summer. I also get to be involved in all the activities when Yr6 come to the school.

2. The exam board who I mark for rang up and asked if I wanted to review the teaching materials for the new GCSE due out in the summer so I said yes.

3. Took Yr7 to the castle in Norwich on a joint History and Geography trip and really enjoyed it. They got to meet a medieval monk, a town planner, see the dungeons etc. I thoroughly recommend a visit if you have an opportunity.

4. England put out a weak looking team against Germany and played them off the park. Had the members of the Gentleman's Sports Watching Group over and provided a potato and broccoli curry which was remarkably tasty.

5. Going to be a bit of a loner next week as other members of the department are taking a trip to Malham for the week leaving me on my own and in charge.

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