Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I'm not dead

Well this is the intense time of year. The coursework needs to be marked and sent of after the bank holiday weekend so now is the frantic time of demanding coursework and ensuring that it is all handed in. This year that is approximately 600 separate piece of work ranging from half a page to 5 or 6 sides in length. The work is on my pen drive, laptop, home computer, CD and backed up school network just in case. There is a fair amount of paperwork associated with it as well that needs to be collated and sent off. Next year is the last year of coursework and personally I can't wait. All of this is on top of the usually teaching load

Also filling my time were;

1. A trip home to see the folks include a lovely day out in the sun to Stoke Bruin

2. Getting the hydraulic cylinder in the clutch replaced

3. New glasses

4. Improving the state of the garden

5. Reports

6. Parents Evening

7. Swimming

8. Knitting a haggis

9. Preparing the students for exams in the next couple of weeks

To top it off I said I would drive the van (a rare skill since the government changed the law) for the Duke of Edinburgh Award people thinking that would involve dropping them off at the start of the weekend and collecting them at the end. Somehow this minor involvement appears to have morphed into a whole weekend away, certainly more than I was prepared to give with so much work to do. I hope that while they are doing their expedition I can find a warm cozy spot with a plug, hook up the laptop and get marking. It is my own fault - as they say in the Navy never volunteer for anything.

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