Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sarah and James get married.

A lovely day in the Spring sunshine in the centre of rural Norfolk. Bride and bridesmaid looked lovely. Groom bery smart in his uniform. Honour guard with real swords.

Things about the wedding.

1. The bride, bridesmaid and a few friends met in the pub for lunch at 12 before heading off to get ready.

2. Church had a traditional round tower which is very Saxon and very Norfolk.

3. The sermon was on the 4 types of love (physical love that occurs between a couple, attraction that occurs between friends ? which I can't remember and divine love which is unconditional love and not based on emotion.)

4. Flower were primulas and not cut so they can continue to grow

5. We travelled slowly from the church to Home farm, the bride and groom were a bit quicker in the MG with the roof down.

6. Main course was hog roast with a cheesecake dessert made by Mel that you may as well pour straight into arteries.

7. Live band were good playing covers really well although the DJ (Bernie Ecclestone's younger brother) looked pissed off when they got an encore.

8. Fireworks were very good.

9. Photographers went a bit above and beyond and were still annoying people at 11pm especially the bridesmaid.

10 James is not ginger despite what the best man would have you know.
11. The dog ate one of the tiers of the cake on Thursday

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