Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Norwich City 4 lost to Norwich Ice ? by a lot of goals and are quite annoyed

The rules of the league state

1. Your best players should be reigsitered in first team and so on
2. You cannot play more than two first team players in the second team
3. If third team players are available the should be preferred to first team

Well we are not perfect but really try to stick to the rules and it is so irritating to turn up and find yourselves playing a team that is patently unfair. Sure it fits the letter of the law but not the spirit. When the opposition have three players that have been in our first team and are playing in the second division for this game it is clear that some of the paperwork maybe a bit awry. I play to compete and find it distasteful when my enjoyment is destroyed by playing people who are clearly better than us and should not be on the same court!

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