Sunday, 13 December 2009

X factor

The X factor seems to have taken over the world and I can't stand it. I have nothing against talent shows per se but for some reason this one annoys the heck out of me so I have decided to write down the reasons why.

1. The freak show element at the beginning whenever thousands of wannabees stand in front of the TV crews open their mouths and embarrass themselves while the nation howl in laughter at the poor unfortunate. In many ways it is the 19th Century freak show concept laughing at the strange and unusual. They never show the person returning home, confidence shredded, to see their reception from the people who had all told them that they could sing.

2. The blandness of it. One contestant did a Louis Armstrong song well but had none of the power or soul of the original (who could). Also all of the

3. The unfairness of it. There are bands out there playing pubs and clubs up and down the country who deserve it far more. They write their own songs and see what people like or hate. They roadie for themselves they attend endless band practices and X Factor makes life so much harder with time energy and money spent on promoting the contestants. Why not run an X Factor or singers or bands that have had at least two years experience of gigging. X factor is killing the grass roots as it seems to offer an easy way to the top.

4. The longevity of the winner is nothing. Sure they will have a number 1 single, then album. Then they will generally be forgotten before being wheeled out in some other reality show bitter and twisted.

5. The whole show is an advert for Simon Cowell products which stupid people spend money on. He owns the rights to the singers , the singles, the albums and the songs. His production company are responsible for the production getting paid millions. He makes money from the phone calls and the merchandise. ITV provide the advert to him making money. Clever but evil

6. Cheryl Cole.

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