Tuesday, 27 July 2010

England at the World Cup

Disappointing - the reasons where

1. The ball was quite light and not suited to the longer range passing England employ.
2. The altitude for the same reasons
3. Too many good players in1 position - attacking midfield meant that trying to fit them into the team caused the team to be poorly shaped
4. The very hard pitches seemed to cause the ball too bounce higher
5. Poor first touch - maybe because of some of the reasons above
6. A lack of ruthlessness - on a couple of the German goals fouling the players early in the move would have stopped their attack at the cost of a yellow card.
7. Poor refereeing - if only...
8. Capello not changing the formation as needed
9. Too many of the players not playing well
10. Not beating Algeria - then we would have played Ghana and then maybe Uruguay and finally Netherlands rather than Germany, Argentina and then Spain.

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