Tuesday, 7 June 2011

BGT = crap

As I write this I have watched two talent shows. I am not a big fan of this type of TV but have been roped into it by A. On BBC is the show So You Think You Can Dance where a group of dancers get handpicked from a variety of dancing styles and ask to work with a range of partners in a number of different styles. At the semi final stage the standard is amazing and still the judges criticise and ask for improvement. On ITV is Britain’s got Talent where a range of talent some good, some awful and voted for. A range of sycophantic judges tell them how good they are despite the quality. Dances could be out of time and singers not hit all the notes (Simon Cowell’s words) but yet they still get in. The whole thing seems to be judged not on how good they are but how much money they can make. A lot of acts get just 24 hours to come up with something the same but different. In my opinion there is no contest as to which is best but only one gets the headlines and seems to continue. Shame

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