Friday, 20 May 2011

Inside the Human Body

It is a fascinating program charting the different ways that the body deals with situations.
Some of the more fascinating people include the woman who had triplets each in their own amniotic sack and the reasons why this is so unlikely. A girl who at age 8 can speak 11 languages as her brain has been brought up that way. The girl with only half a brain who has had the other half removed due to illness and the fact that she has a "normal life".
There are also some other facts like the egg that formed you was made by your mum's body when she was inside her mothers body and the brain of a teenager gets a big kick out of risk taking.
The big controversy in the show was showing a gentleman dying and the point of death, It was done in a sensitive and compassionate manner and was incredibly moving to watch but it was so unremarkable visually you wonder if the furore of showing it was worth the hassle that has to some extent overshadowed a excellent program.

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