Sunday, 22 January 2017

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a salesman and he will sell you a Trump. You get a Trump and he gets money. Like most salesman Trump is willing to expand reality to aid the sale.

He is all things to all men - everything is done in the names of selling you a Trump. You have a family - here is a roomy Trump, you have a lot of money - here is a sporty Trump, short of cash - here is a cost efficient Trump, coal Trump, jobs Trump, Make America Great Trump.

The sales pitch is good and people hear what they want to hear. You splash the cash, buy your Trump and get it home where it doesn't quite work right it doesn't deliver what you want, somehow it doesn't do what is advertised, the words your heard from the salesman ring hollow, it was a sales pitch and you paid in haste. You think of all the questions you should have asked the salesman before you bought it, how does it actually work, how will coal be bought back when fracking has stolen the market.

Eventually you realise your Trump is broken but unfortunately when you take your Trump back, there is no refund.

If your Trump isn't broken yet - it soon will be.

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