Sunday, 22 January 2017

The end of a series - Spoliers

The end of a series is always an emotional time for me. Characters that have been on a journey with the viewer of a number of years have their story curtailed  and even though the characters are fictional it still has an impact. There are a number of scenes that will have me in pieces, such as the end of Gladiator, and last night I discovered another last night.

The premise of How I Met Your Mother is deceptively simple. Ted tells tales to his children that led up to meeting their mother. On his journey are serial womaniser Barney, couple Lily and Marshall and on-off flame Robin. Towards the end, the character of the Mother, Tracey, is introduced.

The show uses flash forward and flash back to embellish the story line as well as using a number of catch phrases and recurring themes to enhance the tales that are told.

After 9 series and over 200 episodes it came to a close and it had me in pieces. I tried to work out why -

Was it that Barney is destined to be a kind of Donald Trump-esque figure flitting from relationship to relationship, unable to settle down.

Was it the death of a figure that had such an effect on Ted and the impact of the children (the wedding remark from earlier in the season)

Was it the Ted appeared to love and lose so quickly?

Was it all of these things

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