Monday, 3 September 2007

New Year Resolutions

As this time of year is the beginning of a new school year and at the same time becoming a year older means I usually reassess my life and set out my new years resolution. I thought if they were in the public domain I might stick to them a bit longer.


1. Be more organised and try to implement the one touch approach to paperwork (read it and deal with it one touch)
2. Try and mark work more promptly and remember to give it back.
3. Try and find a new job for Sept 2008 in a different country. the favourite at the moment is Canada after really enjoying the trip to North America in the summer.


1. Go and gym or swim four times a week
2. Score at least 75% of all the penalties I take in matches.
3. Improve my long shooting.


1. Wear more shirts to social events
2. Be prepared to be more forceful in large group to put a point across and not just enjoy listening
3. Undertake a new hobby of some description

Happy New Year

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