Thursday, 6 September 2007

RIP Pavarotti

I don't like opera especially as not being able to understand the words lessens the meaning and context and I find the higher registers difficult to listen to Pavarotti holds a special place in my development into the person I am. In 1990 the World Cup was in Italy and the Three Tenors did a performance with Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma which was used as the opening theme tune to Italia 90 (the football world cup in Italy) and this was what sparked my interest in football and all sports except rugby. So when I see or hear Pavarotti it takes me back to Cameroon beating Argentina, Gazza's tears, Waddles penalty miss so high it is still rising, Linekar's goals, Costa Rica beating Scotland, Platt's last minute over the shoulder volley, Cameroon and Roger Milla playing when he claimed to be 38 but was probably around 45 and finally losing to Germany on penalties again. I can even remember where I was during the fateful semi-final as I was part of a concert at Leighton Middle School of Heidi where I had the major role of the vicar! At half time in the play we found out that Germany had scored and at the end of play that England had equalised. By the time we had walked home the penalties were finished and England had lost. So thanks for the memories. (PS if you watch the video do you remember that world symbol used for about 5 years and doesn't Des look young)

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