Monday, 10 September 2007


As a English person I am naturally drawn to the underdog in any sporting contest and will be completely biased about who I want to win and how I see the match and things like refereeing decisions. So I was delighted when France were beaten by Argentina (although it is debatable whether they were an underdog) but disheartened by New Zealand 74 - Italy 14 and Australia 91 -3 but the underdog fights back. England 28 - USA 10, Ireland 32 - Namibia 17, Wales 9 Canada 12 at half time and Scotland 56 Portugal 10 were all excellent performances from the underdog where the vast proportion of the team are amateur and the professionals don't play in the top leagues. The International Rugby Board provided the cash to appoint a fitness and a forwards coach for each of the emerging nation and training each day has had an effect.

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