Saturday, 19 January 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

If you have an opportunity to go and see this film then I would recommend it. There is a duality to the film that I have not seen before. On one hand it is about the past but also about now, it is both a bit Republican and a bit Democrat in its outlook, it is quite shallow and yet incredibly deep, it makes jokes at the expense of deep geo-political and religious hatred with Israeli's helping Afghans by using Egypt at the behest of America. It outlines how the birth of radical Islam started but provides answers to how its excess's can be curbed. For fans of the West Wing it was good to see some of the traits from it back in a new context. Long conversations whilst walking in corridors, long spiels about difficult topics delivered at pace and one moment to rivals Josh's speech about victory, bagels and the keg of glory. Well done Aaron Sorkin.

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