Tuesday, 15 January 2008

When I got home today there was a sign outside my house announcing that it was To Let. When I rang up they said it was supposed to be outside No. 55. The company either has a dim sign erector or are able to see into the future as it is possible that in future I will need the company to advertise the house if and when I change jobs. With the phone line being down I contacted the schools to check I had not missed anything and found out that I had not, and they were still choosing who they want to interview. I have to stay the suspense is gnawing at my soul. I don't want to get too excited as there is still a long way betwixt cup and lip and there are repercussions at work such as not being able to volunteer to teach Geology next year as I don't know if I will be there. I hope they decide soon.

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