Sunday, 27 January 2008

Mortimer rolls back the years

Mortimer stood at the penalty line. His technique honed after 10 years of playing. The foul, a block on the arms of Natayla, occurred with about 30 seconds to go. This was the last opportunity. If those goes in City win and deny their neatest a losing bonus point. Instead of lining up straight Mortimer notices the post is slight off line. Unlike in previous games he does not ask for the post to be straighten but stands to one side. The referee;s whistle gave a shrill blast and Mortimer rocks back on to his left foot and then drives forward and up towards the basket. As he reaches the zenith of his leap he releases the ball and it arcs up towards the basket and after a slight hesitation it drops through and all the points are ours, 9-4. Played pretty well - scored two.

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