Friday, 8 February 2008

Field Trips

So it was the time of year were I went back to Kingswood with my Yr10's and revisited my old stomping ground. I love taking people on trips and helping them improve their understanding of the world around them. I love the atmosphere that is generated in the centre, a form of almost constant excitement with lots of children from different places all experiencing something new. You form a bond with the students who are there littered with in jokes and common experiences that makes it easy when you return to the classroom. I know that pay was rubbish, the food awful, the hours unsocialable, hassles endless and accomodation unsaniatry but the job satifaction was huge and I kind of miss it. Standing on Overstrand beach on a cloudless blue sky with a chill wind form the NW with the waves swashing up the beach whilst throwing oranges into the surf is just great. It was odd as I saw someone who was at the same level as I was in 2001 who is now at head office as operations maanger and it makes you wonder what might have happened if I had stayed. The whole trip ran smoothly except for the bus driver getting in a pissing competion with an Audi and the fact I got blisters from abseiling.

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