Monday, 4 February 2008


It is rare that I feel stupid but when I do it is usually to do with cars. There was the time that on a run to pick up some kids to go to summer camp I ran out of diesel having done 50 miles around Wolverhampton thinking there must be a petrol station soon (it was 25 miles each way. As it was a diesel it was particularly stupid as it meant repressurising the engine. I should have just stopped and rang the AA for a top up and directions. There is the blank looks I give to various engineers as they try and explain why fixing my car will be quite so expensive but today I surpassed myself by locking my keys in my car. I stopped as there was a strange sound coming from the car and as I stepped out I must have flicked the door lock switch so when the door shut it locked the keys in the ignition. Watching the process of opening the door is interesting whilst seeing someone be able to get into your locked car in about three minutes is vaguely disturbing. I wonder how long it would take him to get it started and drive off. The feeling of stupidity in ringing up and sheepishly admitting to having locked your keys in your car doesn't pass quickly

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