Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Airport Drama

The flight from Boston to Philadelphia took off 30 mins late which was an issue as the connection to St Louis was due to take off 32 mins after the original landing time. We arrived at the airport in Philly 10 mins early which meant that 1 had 12 mins. The stewardess asked that me and this other guy get off first but when we landed a load of people stood up and blocked the aisle, one even commenting on my rudeness at pushing passed her!! We then had to run from one end of Terminal B to the far end of Terminal C. As we were doing this it looked like I was chasing this other guy and he got stopped by the Police briefly which would have been funny in other circumstances. We eventually made it to the loading point just as they were letting the stand by passengers on and the look on this women's face when she found out that she would be on the flight as I had arrived was one of sheer frustration. As we were getting off we were given alternative flight plans had we missed the flight which would have taken me to Charlotte, North Carolina, arriving around 11pm. More from St Louis soon...

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