Saturday, 26 July 2008

Strange things

1. Lots of places in New England are named after English places (Boston, New York, Washington (only kidding with that one)) but sometimes it is the strange ones for instance Braintree, Woburn, Chelsea, Malden, Reading and Billerica (no y).

2. Rubbish sense of direction returned

3. Major plane story when I am on or about to be on a flight.

4. TV's in lifts (elevators)

5. Irish pubs get everywhere.

6. Fried Dough (not doughnuts)

7. At Fenway Park, the Boston Red Sox (Chelsea) are leading but the New York Yankees (Manchester United) are mounting a comeback. They have loaded the bases, the count is full, the pitcher must throw over the plate so the man in front of me decides its food time. Watch the game!!

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