Saturday, 26 July 2008


Picture the scene. I am lying on my back with my knees in the air so that the transmitter on the keyboard is facing the unmovable receiver using possible the most useless TV Internet service (there are no scroll bars so I can't move from what I can see) and it is under these conditions I will try and describe Boston. I think that Boston is my favourite US city so far. It feels vaguely European with a hotpotch street arrangement and variety of architecture. It celebrates its history and unlike Philadelphia has the actual buildings to show for it. The number of universities in the area is huge with at east 4 (Harvard, MIT, Boston College and Boston College and Boston University) and that gives the area the same feeling as Cambridge. It should be noted that Harvard and MIT are actually in Cambridge , Massachusetts). It is also a huge walking city with lots of trails to wander through the backstreets and that separates it from other US cities. Today I did the tourist tour and went to see the historic sites in Lexington and Concord where the noble and gallant Colonial oppressed threw off the evil yoke of the British or an ungrateful group of settlers where unwilling to contribute to helping settle debts run up to protect them from the villainous French and Indian attacks in the 7 years war. I suppose it is a matter of opinion. One mans freedom fighter is another mans rabble rouser. Getting to the bottom of the page so will have to start a new post.

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