Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mark Thomas

Last night went to the Arts Centre to see Mark Thomas. He was very funny and I love his anti-capitalist stance on things and the sideways look at things that he take. An example of this is the laws surrounding protesting outside Parliament. Organising lots of one person protests all on the same day, organising as many 10 mins protest as possible in one day, applying to protest to reduce police paperwork and writing the application to protest on a cake in icing and allowing the police to figure out how to photocopy it. I like the way he looks for the absurd in the legal system and exploits the silliness for humour. He also has a campaigning streak mainly for workers rights and standing up to big business, highlighting how they abuse the positions they hold especially in the third world. The only downside is his anti-religious hectoring where I can't see what he hopes to achieve. There are certain sectors of Christianity such as creationists that deserve to be mocked and when that invades politics it puts itself in line to be criticised and humoured but to mock people for having faith should be beneath him.

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RevSarah said...

I think we went to see him, didn't we? I remember finding him amusing, except of course, for his anti-religious humo(u)r.

Thanks for making a statement in defense of (any) faith.