Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Being in a bad mood

For the last few days I feel like I have been in a bad mood

1. Israel and Palestine/ Hamas. Two of the most stupid groups of leaders in the world decided that killing each other might work this time and might be different from the last time they decided to kill each other. Israel seems to be unable to distinguish between Hamas fighters and an UN run school. Hamas should have taken the Gandhi approach and won the moral arguments years ago.

2. Its really cold but not enough snow has fallen to close the school and the boiler stubbornly refuses to break down and give everyone a day off.

3. The inside of my windscreen keeps having more ice than the outside. Trying to scrape the inside without getting the ice everywhere is tough

4. England cricket appears to be trying to self destruct and needs to sort its self out.

5. Knee seems to be tight although it is not swollen or painful and hate not exercising in the middle of the week.

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