Friday, 2 January 2009

Busy as a bee

1. Term finished smoothly without too many concerns. Have said goodbye to my form as I take the promotion after Christmas

2. Christmas Day was good and it was nice to have two people that were truly excited about the concept of Christmas. They had a big stack of presents and I hope that they have the opportunity to truly appreciate them and get to play with them all rather than some get shelved without every being played with.

3. Never get tendonitis in your knee. It can ache painfully but when you try and push your foot like putting on a shoe or getting into a car it just was pure agony

4. Went to London for New Year with Sarah and James. It was kind of a last minute decision but the fireworks were worth it. They had set up three viewing areas which were full at about 10pm. We were directed to a reserve area which was around the meander from the Millennium Eye. When we saw were we were going we realised the view would be rubbish so we started back along the Strand and found a side street where they just started letting people in so in the end we were on Embankment close to the Eye with a pretty decent view.

5. The travel arrangements on New Years Eve were not that great. In hindsight we should have walked but without the A-Z we did not know the way so we tried the tube. It seemed that the police were trying to funnel all the 200,000 people in one street down to Embankment but there was a corner which was causing a jam and it took about 90 mins to get in the station which was then empty.

Hope to try and keep this a bit more up to date.

Happy New Year

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