Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Watching the inauguration and a few things made me think

1. Do people shout in heaven?

2. What's a hinchpin?

3. The US National Anthem is much better sung in a low key than higher. The tune is an English drinking tune. Not that we sing in pubs much these days.

4. Will the lack of a hat have the same effect as it did for William Henry Harrison

5. When Obama referred to putting aside childish things was he thinking about Bush?

6. Go to see Yo Yo Ma (the famous cellist) involved. A West Wing favourite.

7. It looks cold

8. Could we pray for Joe Biden's family as well?

9. How big are the seeds of greed and how do you reap a whirlwind?

10 How much climate change or genetic engineering would there have to be for there to be a vine and fig for each person to sit under?

11. Why were people taking photos of the BBC reporter?

Just me then

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