Thursday, 26 March 2009

Channel 5

Channel 5 have decided to stop showing late night baseball and American football. I have been interested in the American football for a while and the baseball came from that. The problem is not that you can't view the US feed on other stations but Channel 5 never showed many adverts but instead had quality analysts who took time to discuss what was happening in a way a newcomer could understand (infield fly ball rule anyone) and they were also genuinely entertaining.

I was going to try and explain just why it was so good but found this instead with a link to the BBC. Its long but they say just why Mark Carlson was the best pundit on TV.

It is probably going to be replaced with a phone in show where you try and guess the answer. The same show that was criticised when no-one guessed the top answer of what is found in a woman's handbag. £1 for anyone who comments and gets the correct answer.

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