Thursday, 26 March 2009

To Richard Dawkins

There is a goldfish in a bowl on top of the piano. The goldfish lives in 5 dimensions. It has backwards/ forwards, it has up/ down and it has left to right. It can also sense time. The 5th dimension is in/out of the bowl. In the bowl it is able to affect its physical environment, conduct experiments with its surroundings and live, reproduce and die. It has some awareness of the dimension out of the bowl but has no real way to interact with that dimension let along understand how to operate the piano the bowl is standing on. Sometimes when the piano is played the vibrations move through the water and are sensed by the fish with no knowledge or concept of how they were created.

When Richard Dawkins pronounces with such certainty there is no God I wonder if they have considered if they are the goldfish looking out?

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