Saturday, 28 March 2009

Formula 1

The new rule changes have certainly tipped the whole field into a form of disorganised chaos and it is exciting to see some of the new cars and drivers nearer the front. Despite the excitement there are still some questions to answer.

1. Will the bigger budget teams be able to adjust quicker and re-emerge at the front?
2. Will the diffuser row end in disqualification in which case this whole race is pointless?
3. If the new diffuser is allowed how quickly can the other teams adjust?
4. Will the teams not linked to manufacturers be able to get funding to develop their cars and keep competitive?
5. Are any of the cars using the KERS system and what will happen when they hit the boost button?
Any finally

6. Will the cars be able to overtake each other?

I was beginning to be a little jaded by the style of racing but this will hopefully lead to an exciting race.

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