Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Caught between a rock and a rock

Dr Ian Gibson. MP for Norwich North, has been deselected by the Labour Party so he cannot defend his seat at the next election. What he did was to sell a flat to his daughter for a similar amount that he paid for it thus not making any money. However the market had risen so the flat was worth maybe another £120000 that he recieved. If he sold it for full market price he would have been able to keep the profit and thus been criticised for this no doubt.

The problem for the Labour party is that his local reputation, which is very high, was probably the only thing that would get a Labour MP elected. Although the local Conservative candidate's holier than thou comments made me laugh. A lot of her party did a lot worse and her party would have few MPs if she applied the same logic to the Conservatives as she did to Labour.

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