Monday, 8 June 2009

The problem wuith a Democracy is

it is only as good as its most stupid voter

1, You might be annoyed by Gordon Brown but he is not responsbile for organising the emptying of youe bins. In the council elections you are voting for who runs services locally. If you are happy with the way local services are run why change.

2. Voting UKIP or BNP in Euorpe is a complete waste. The EU parliament is divided into voting blocks. Conservtiaves are part of European Parliament Party (right wing), Labour are part of PES (Party of European Socialists), Lib Dems are part of ALDE (Alliance of Liberal and Democrats in Europe), Greens are part of Green.
UKIP amd BNP are allied to no-one so have no power, no way to enact any policies and is a wasted vote.

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