Thursday, 18 June 2009

What goes around, come around

Before I started teaching the first thing a year 7 face on arrival at high school was a serious of exams to help place the student in the correct set. Ofsted arrived and suggested that this was not a good way to help students settle in and with the need to be accountable for the quality of education they received at primary education moved the tests to the end of Year 6. New conservative proposal is to move them back to the start of year 7 so now I guess that we will be help accountable for the progress of students after they have been at the school for about 48 hours.

A survey showed that a % of students did not know some historical fact and have called for a widening of the curriculum. This on the back of the curriculum narrowing as there was a survey showing that a % did not have key skills. Presumably we will just wait until the next survey.

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